There are approximately 72,000 people working in the food manufacturing, food processing, and foodservice sectors in the state of Rhode Island. Of these, 38,000 work in food and drink retailers, and 18,000 work in full-service restaurants. (Source: RI Department of Labor and Training)

In a groundbreaking 2011 report titled, Behind the Kitchen Door: A Multi-Site Study of the Restaurant Industry, the Restaurant Opportunities Center surveyed the restaurant industry and assessed working conditions. The group found abysmal working conditions for many foodservice employees. The report offers a number of policy recommendations, such as providing paid sick days to foodservice workers and increasing the tipped minimum wage. For the full list of recommendations or to read the report, click here.

This page features the stories and experiences of restaurant workers here in Providence, Rhode Island. (Note: Audio works best using Chrome browser).

Hear from restaurant workers in Providence

Learn about tip theft from a bartender in Newport, RI

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